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  • "I can surely presence God's work in the author of this website, Tim, through all these years in youth ministry and he has definitely written a one in a million book."

    Jose Carlos, Youth Worker, Mexico City, Mexico

    For Jose's full review click: Starting Out in Mexico

    "Engaging, exciting, entertaining, and easy-to-read ..."

    " ... Ferguson's super-cool little book, "The Chest of Visions," brilliantly captures the essence of the Gospel message and shares it with fresh, fast-moving, suspense-filled 21st century appeal. Christian youth from faraway land It chronicles the intriguing pen-pal relationship between two youth from different universes with charm and personal appeal. Caperston youth meet Christ I'd love to put "The Chest of Visions" in the hands of every youth and young adult leader in the country!"

    Review of The Chest of Visions/Secrets of Caperston by Melissa Jagel January 2, 2013

    Click: More reviews of the book for all youth!

    So Thank you for visiting and may God bless all of your youth ministries.

    Tim Ferguson

The author of Ecclesiastes wisely stated "Young people enjoy your youth ... be happy while you are still young. Do what you wish to do and follow your heart's desire ... but remember your creator."

We, youth leaders, need to help our Christian teens enjoy their youth as we teach them the love that emanates from our creator. When we accomplish this, Christian friendships are formed.